Easi-Scan ultrasound, more than pregnancy detection.

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine - use for a faster and more accurate diagnoses than other pregnancy detection methods.

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Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine, more than pregnancy detection. 


Easi-Scan benefits

  • Faster veterinary herd health pregnancy checks
  • More accurate and quicker determinations than other pregnancy detection methods
  • Less strain on your body than manual palpation and other bovine ultrasound machines
  • Diagnose conditions in the thorax, umbilical area, testicles and more
  • Scan camelids, sheep/goats, small animals and more
  • Take it anywhere you go
  • Easi-Scan keeps up with your fast pace – no image lag
  • Choose an ultrasound viewing device that best suits you
  • You stay safe by keeping your peripheral vision
  • Save time without needing repairs

Order our free "Beyond pregnancy diagnosis booklet" now to learn more about how Easi-Scan is more than pregnancy detection.


Benefits explained

The Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine makes your reproductive diagnoses faster and more accurate than other pregnancy detection methods (manual or rectal palpation and blood testing). It is an easier way to determine fertility, pregnancy and sex. We designed Easi-Scan to be durable, lightweight and portable. 

It was designed as a veterinary ultrasound machine for reproduction diagnosis on dairy and beef cattle. You can use it for equine, camelids, deer and fish pregnancy checks and other non-reproduction purposes. You can even use it abdominally for occasional small animal work. 

Ever gotten a good kick from a cow because you couldn’t see your surroundings with other ultrasound goggles? With BUG (BCF Universal Goggle) you keep your peripheral vision to help avoid those pesky bruises. BUG allows you to see the ultrasound image directly in front of your eyes. All you need is your ultrasound machine, BUG ultrasound goggle and an animal of course, then you are ready to start scanning...while also seeing your surroundings. 

Easi-Scan is easy to use with only 4 buttons and 4 modes. You move more quickly without any confusing buttons. It helps you get your job done faster. 

Easi-Scan’s probe provides an optimal ultrasound image quality from its 128 elements. It allows you to make faster diagnoses with a clearer image than other ultrasound machines. A frame rate of 40 frames per second allows you to move your probe faster with no image lag. 

Designed for on-farm conditions, this lightweight bovine ultrasound machine goes anywhere you go. From the clean veterinary clinic, to a manure covered barn or field and to the hose for clean-up. After all that it is ready to go again the next day. The ultrasound machine is worn around your waist lessening strain on your body so you’re ready too. Use the introducer and you will lessen your shoulder strain even further. 

BCF stands behind all their products and provides top notch customer support.  All new products come with a one year manufacturer warranty and the Easi-Scan comes with a lifetime warranty.

Easi-Scan...it’s just easier.

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Easi-Scan and Easi-Scan Lite ultrasound machine specifications

* denote differences between Easi-Scan and Easi-Scan Lite

Easi-Scan Easi-Scan Lite
Portable or cart based Portable Portable
Frequency 4.5 MHz - 8.5 MHz 4.5 MHz - 8.5 MHz
Frame rate* 40 frames/second (late mode 28.5 frames/second) 39 frames/second (late 22, detail 32)
Preset modes* Detail, foetal sexing, ovarian/early pregnancy, later pregnancy Detail, ovarian/early pregnancy, later pregnancy
Digital channels* 16 12
Dustproof Yes Yes
Splash-proof Yes Yes
Image storage* Yes - export via USB cable No
Image storage size* 100 images N/A
Clips storage Yes, with recording device Yes, with recording device
Viewing device BUG, Easi-Scan remote display, smart display, wrist monitor BUG, Easi-Scan remote display, wrist monitor
Arm-free scanning Yes, with probe introducer Yes, with probe introducer

Linear* 128 element broadband, 60mm footprint 80 element broadband, 60mm footprint
Multiple probe connectivity No No
Rectal use Yes Yes
External use Yes Yes

Mains powered No No
Battery power available Yes, battery only Yes, battery only
Charging options Battery charger, in-vehicle charging Battery charger, in-vehicle charging
Battery life 7 with standby mode 7 with standby mode
Battery charge time 5 hours 5 hours

Fertility Yes Yes
Pregnancy Yes Yes
Sex determination* Yes No
Non reproductive applications Yes Yes

Reproduction Yes Yes

Reproduction Yes Yes
Musculoskeletal* Yes No
Abdominal No No

Reproduction* Yes No
Abdominal* Yes No

Width 6 in (150mm) 6 in (150mm)
Depth 8.5 in (220mm) 8.5 in (220mm)
Height 2.5 in (70mm) 2.5 in (70mm)
Weight 4 lb (2Kg), with battery 4 lb (2Kg), with battery

Temperature range 14 °F to 104 °F  14 °F to 104 °F
 (-10 °C to 40 °C) (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Environmental rating IP65 IP65
Warranty period* Lifetime Warranty 1 year
Manufacturer BCF Technology, Ltd. BCF Technology, Ltd.


Easi-Scan viewing devices & accessories

All packages include the Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine, a viewing device, battery, carry bag, and charger. There are many other options that you may find useful. All are described below:


Viewing devices

Phoenix monocular

phoenix with case
Phoenix is the sleek solution to your ultrasound viewing needs. This lightweight monocular is ideal in conjunction with Easi-Scan. Phoenix can be custom made for either your right or left eye, based on your preference.


BUG - BCF Universal Goggle

BUG ultrasound goggles

BUG has the luxury of comfort to use with your bovine ultrasound machine. This viewer allows you to see the ultrasound image in front of your eyes. You can wear it all day without pain or strain. It weighs only 12 ounces. With only two adjustments you can fit them perfectly to your head.  Find out more about BUG.


Easi-Scan Smart Display

Easi-Scan Smart Display allows you to scan more species with Easi-Scan than ever before. The touch screen menu allows you to quickly adjust settings and switch species in seconds. It also has additional features so you can expand the range of ultrasound services you provide all with one machine. Easily create your own ultrasound image library as a reference or teaching tool. All of this and it still only weighs 4.5 lbs with the Easi-Scan and battery attached. There is also a harness version that goes around your waist. The convenience of Easi-Scan ultrasound is unsurpassed and the addition of the smart display will make it a must have for any veterinary clinic. Find out more about Easi-Scan Smart Display


Easi-Scan Remote Display – ultrasound monitor

Easi-Scan remote display monitor

Easi-Scan Remote Display is a portable wireless monitor for Easi-Scan and Duo-Scan ultrasound machines. Yes, we said wireless so you can have a full range of movement. You can make determinations, consult with a client, or teach veterinary students or colleagues. This makes it an excellent choice for a primary or secondary viewing device. Find out more about Easi-Scan Remote Display.


Wrist monitor

The wrist monitor is a great viewing option for your Easi-Scan ultrasound machine. You can take this portable ultrasound monitor anywhere. It is lightweight, dust and splash proof. Find out more about the wrist monitor.



Easi-Scan battery

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner battery

Complete a whole day of scanning hassle-free with your long lasting Easi-Scan batteries. Easi-Scan comes with two batteries that last up to seven hours in the standby mode. They have a 4 hour life with normal use. The batteries weigh less than 1.5 pounds and clip to the front of your ultrasound machine. 


Easi-Scan carry bag

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner and carry bag

Alleviate shoulder strain when you wear the Easi-Scan bag around your waist. The bag keeps your hands free to maneuver the probe. The keypad is exposed so you can easily access your on screen menu. Easi-Scan ultrasound machine is securely held at your hip with an adjustable strap. Swing it around to your back and Easi-Scan also stays clean. 


Easi-Scan battery charger

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner car battery charger

The portable battery charger is one option for charging your Easi-Scan batteries. It’s great for ultrasound machines on the move as it can be powered through a car charger or a standard wall outlet. Your batteries are fully charged in 5 hours. 


Easi-Scan carry case


Travel to your herd checks with the carry case keeping Easi-Scan and its accessories clean, dry and together. What makes this portable hard-sided case such a valuable accessory? It’s also a charging station for your ultrasound machine. The case charges two batteries simultaneously and can plug into a standard wall outlet or a car charger. Utilizing a carry case just makes Easi-Scan even easier. 


Easi-Scan shoulder strap

Easi-Scan Remote Display shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is an option for your Easi-Scan ultrasound machine when you don’t want to use the waist bag. It attaches to the Easi-Scan and suspends your machine at waist level. It is easy to put your Easi-Scan on and take it off with the shoulder strap. The strap is strong and adjustable to meet your needs.


Probe introducer

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner introducer

The probe introducer makes your Easi-Scan an arm-free bovine ultrasound machine. It’s easier to enter and exit dairy and beef cattle giving you faster checks. Extremely fast pregnant and open diagnoses are easier. You can scan longer without a tired and sore arm. It is only 1.2 inches in diameter, much smaller than your arm, putting less stress on the animal. Find out more about the probe introducer.


Video splitter

Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner video splitter

The video splitter allows for two wired viewing devices to be used at one time. You can use it with Easi-Scan and Duo-Scan ultrasound machines. It is a great teaching tool or whenever you want to share an image with someone. For example, you can wear a BUG while a herdsman and other employees are observing on a larger monitor. It can also be used with a video capture device to collect video.

Learning resources

Are you new to using bovine ultrasound?
We have a complete learning section to help you find everything you want to know. Click on the links below or explore our complete learning section by yourself.

Ultrasound images

Captured with Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine

View our complete image library

33 day bovine pregnancy

BCF Easi-scan 3 Bovine 33 Day Pregnancy ultrasound image


64 day bull calf 

BCF Easi-scan 3 Bovine 64 Day Bull Calf ultrasound image

View our complete image library

Easi-Scan ultrasound clips

View our complete image library for more video clips

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February 13, 2014

Great for dairy cows.  Cant get enough depth to see all the beef pregs on the end of the probe extension so have to arm some of them.

Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan. Great resolution and durable and only 4 lbs.

Roy Peters, DVM
Sioux Nation Ag
Freeman, SD


February 11, 2014

The images are very clear and it's easy to use the battery life is very good. It also seems to be a very durable unit not effected by moisture or extremely cold weather.

Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan. Very good usability.

Bob Hartz 
Schumacher Farms Inc.
Elgin, MN


January 19, 2014 

I would rate the easiscan system we have a 5/5.  Clear, detailed, portable, adjustable, good battery life.

Dr. Nick Place
Hoof & Paw Veterinary Clinic
Menominee, WI


January 17, 2014

This unit is reliable and sturdy.

Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan.  The image is good and the portable unit is a definite plus.

Dr. Clare Biely
Associated Veterinary Clinic
Ripon, WI
(Older model)


January 14, 2014

I don't have the latest and greatest model but I have been very satisfies with Its ability to stand up to daily abuse and the long battery life. I know the newer models are even better.

Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan. Why? Durability.

Dr. Brett Terhaar
Frontier Veterinary Services
Winterset, IA
(Older model)


January 14, 2014

Very durable product. Very few repairs but repairs have been fast and at a fair price.


Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan.  Best value available in the market.

Dr. Jeff Halverson
Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic
West Bend, WI
(older model)


January 14, 2014

Dr. Jeff McFarlane
Advanced Veterinary Services
Shawano, WI


January 14, 2014

I would rate the machine and service 4.5 our of 5.  While the warranty service on the batteries has been great, it is a little frustrating that I am having issues with the batteries as about 1 year iof service.  Everything else has been satisfactory.

Dr. Zach Janssen
ZJJ, Ltd.
Walworth, WI


January 13, 2014

Dr. Marlin Van Schepen
Edgerton Veterinary Clinic
Edgerton, MN



January 13, 2014


I like the picture quality and the ability to use it on multiple species.

Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan.

Dr. Robert Mulligan
Kamloops Large Animal Vet
Kamloops, British Columbia
(Older model)


November 12, 2013

The latest easy scan has been a wonderful addition to our practice by speeding up reproductive exam process speed and accuracy. The unit has also opened up some new diagnostic opportunities. The unit is very tough with excellent battery longevity. The issue I have had so far is the connection between the bugs and the unit getting water damage and/or oxidation of the connections. Overall great product!

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  Customer service has been excellent.

Dr. Josh Aalders
Cornwallis Vets LTD
Kentville, Nova Scotia


November 9, 2013

Lighter weight, streamlined/ less bulky design, and much improved battery life make this newer ultrasound the best product on the market today, in my opinion. Bigger herds benefit from the convenience of better battery life for sure.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.

Dr. Alan Eavey
Bull Creek Veterinary Service
Hastings, MI


November 8, 2013

I have a shade in the centre of my goggles I asked to be replaced but nobody cares.

No, I would not recommend Easi-Scan.  poor service.

Dr. Emil Sabau
Emil Veterinary Services
Picture Butte, Alberta

Dr. Sabau,

Thank you for your feedback.  We apologize for the inconvenience you have incurred with your BUG.  Your sales specialist will contact you promptly to discuss what you are experiencing and to correct the situation.  


Kari and the BCF Team


August 15, 2013

The great thing about it is it is so compact. To think that the first ultrasound I had weighed close to 50lbs and they have evolved to this is great.  Been using it in many different ways.  Implementing programs to get beef cow herds to a 60 day calving interval.  Also using to breed mares.  And using to guarantee open lots of heifers.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  It's great.

Dr. Charles Durbin
Durbin Vet Clinic
St. Peter, IL


June 11, 2013

Light great battery life great image quality.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.

Dr. Marc Toothman
Dayton Veterinary Services
Dayton, VA


June 2, 2013

I love how easy the settings are to change while using the unit. The controls are simple and self-explanatory in most cases, and the unit is really easy to use and get used to. I also like how the probe doesn't detach from the unit. While units that can use multiple probes are nice and versitile, if you are only using the rectal probe it is nice not having to worry about multiple parts/connections to get wet and damage.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  True to its name, the easi-scan is really easy to use and become proficient with.

Dr. Sam Wicker
New Market, TN


May 24, 2013

I really enjoy using the new easi-scan. My only 2 complaints are the inconvenience of the belt strap and the awkward attachment of the bug to the ultrascan.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  Size, weight, and resolution are great.

P. Sexton, DVM
Readlyn, IA


May 26, 2013

I have been using the Easi-Scan for just over a year. It has been a great machine, easy to use, easy to take on and off, and so far very reliable. The batteries have held up well and I can usually scan all day without switching them. I do think the case is a bit big and charging batteries in the case while in the car would be more convenient if the case did not need to be open.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  Easy to use, reliable, light weight, comfortable to carry all day.

Alan Clarisse, DVM
Animals First Veterinary Services
Whiting, VT

May 25, 2013

Hi, I love work with my easy scan provide for me as breeder the opportunity to check every cow who I have doubt or any concern and I can take the decision in the very same moment to save days open. I love discover pregnancies and working in bull pens I challenge my self for made the right age in every pregnant cow.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  Because is awesome.

Ivan A Villamil
Boxler Dairy Farm
Varysburg, NY

May 24, 2013

Light weight, comfortable. Durable probe. Good battery life. Fits in well with what I do (dairy cow reproduction). I purchased a new unit 6 months ago (I had used the older easi scan prior to that for almost 10 years) I have had to exchange my unit after the first month of ownership because of power glitches. Had my unit repaired last week for a connector problem between the scanner and bugs. We had good support from where we purchased the unit and they gave me complimentary loaner units while it was getting fixed. I wish the new easi scans came with a better case. I know that the case it comes with is a charging case, but the case has to be left open while charging which is a pain in a vehicle (so it only gets charged at the clinic). Also you have to remove the u/s sleeve/holder if you want to charge it in the case. The biggest beef I have with the case is that I do on average about 6 small herd healths a day and if I want to use the case that comes with the unit it fits in awkwardly unless you remove it the u/s from its sleeve and the probe itself gets shoved in ( I think this is hard on the probe), especially if you are doing this 6-8 times per day. With the old easi scans the probe wrapped around in the case nice without having to wind it up too tight. I'm going to look for a better case to carry it to farms with me.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  I still think it is the most durable unit you can get for dairy practice.

Dr. John Van Ostaaijen
Eldale Veterinary Clinic
Elmira, Ontario


May 24, 2013

I love the light weight of the newer easiscan. It almost felt like I was missing something when I went from the older model to this one. I no longer have as many back aches as I did after wearing the heavier one around my waist. The picture is very good and I can reach into cows better without the added weight and sexing seems easier with the freedom to dive deeper.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  If you are using an ultrasound everyday or almost everyday it just makes sense not to have your body carrying around that much extra weight. Our job is physically demanding anyway but an extra 6 pounds every where does make a difference.

Lynae Schott, DVM
Sauk Prairie Vet Clinic
Prairie du Sac, WI


May 24, 2013

Easy to use and carry.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  Good image quality.

Paul Cook, DVM
Atwater Veterinary Clinic
Atwater, CA


October 1, 2012

It has really opened my awareness to better understand what is happening in the bovine reproductive tract. It will make me a better reproductive diagnostician. In addition, it has been useful at speeding up the process of working cows, as I know almost instantaneously that they are at least pregnant. I can let the rest of the processing team know to proceed with vaccinations, tagging, etc. while I arrive at a gestation length.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.  Portable as it can best be described. Clear imaging and functionality. Quality product that elicits less wear and tear on my body.

Tom Petznick, DVM
Norfolk, NE


September 20, 2012

Mark Thomas, DVM
Countryside Veterinary Clinic, LLP
Lowville, NY


September 20, 2012

Frank Pace, DVM
Bovidoc Vet Services
Syracuse, KS

July 24, 2012 

Stand by feature great. Weight Weight Weight!!!! Forget thats its even on your person

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Clear image ease of functions and battery life

Marc Toothman, DVM
Dayton Veterinary Services
Dayton, VA 

June 28, 2012 

The basic system is excellent. The wedge shaped probe still sucks. The cord on the early bug goggles was flimsy and easily damaged, AND I was charged a lot to replace with the cord it should have come with in the first place. You should add the ability to send signals wirelessly to more than one device, as many clients would like to see what we are looking at. With the goggles this is not an option. BTW, the goggles should be wireless technology anyway.

No, I would not recommend Easi-Scan. I think I would consider a unit with a more streamlined/comfortable probe.

Edward Schoene
Cherry Valley Veterinary Associates
Springfield Center, NY 

June 28, 2012 

If you are serious about reproductive herd health than you need to be collecting the most information that you can and the information needs to be accurate. That is you need to be ultrasounding. Incorporating accurate information with sound repro. Protocols leads to a more successful program.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Great resolution. Easy to operate, lightweight.

Paul Meagher
United Veterinary Service
Bear Creek, WI

June 7, 2012 

Very Lightweight! Can check over 300 cows with the same battery. Very reliable and trouble free. Great Investment on our Dairy!!

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Great Image. Very light machine. Avoids operator fatigue.

Rick Schwenck
Herd Manager
Lake Breeze Dairy
Malone, WI

June 7, 2012 

Much clearer picture than the older easy scan model I was using. Still difficult to see in brighter lighting which prevents outdoor use. Very lightweight and easy to carry around. I use for both rectal palpation in cattle and trans-abdominal ultrasound in goats.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Lightweight, good resolution, durable

Myron Kamper, DVM
Valley Veterinarians, Inc.
Tulare, CA 

June 6, 2012 

Easi-Scan works well and is so small that it can be carried even if not planning to use it. Great for "just in case" to show clients not using ultrasound how useful it is. The biggest downside is using the BUGS in the sun, it can be difficult to see.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.

Dan Roher, DVM
Dairy/Beef veterinarian
Buskirk, NY

June 3, 2012 

This is the third Easi-scan that I have used and by far the best. It is light weight, comfortable to wear, and image is sharp and clear. It is easy to take on and off. The battery runs much longer than the older models and being able to charge them in the car means I always have a battery charged and ready. The new easi-scan is so convenient to use that I no longer do preg checks without it.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Same as above

Alan Clarisse, DVM
Animals First Veterinary Services
Whiting, VT

June 1, 2012 

Very light, strong, ease to use and very reliable. Ease to transmit images to the screen, become a great tool to teaching the veterinarians students and also in conduct research as well. I highly recommend this machine to any veterinarian of bovine industry.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Great product, easy to use and small and light !!!

João Bittar
Resident of FARMS Veterinary College
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

June 1, 2012 

I had the older model Easi-Scan, which was a good machine, but I really appreciate the lightweight design of the newer Easi-Scan. The monocular gives a good image, yet allows me to see what is going on around me very well, so that I can step out of the way of a cow backing out of lockups, etc. The battery life on the newer Easi-Scan is also better, and the battery is easier to switch out when it does run empty (easily changed one handed with my palpating arm still in cow). 

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. The above reasons, plus I demoed (a competitor machine) prior to purchasing my new Easi-Scan and although the image quality was good on (a competitor machine), there was a "delay" in the image seen on the goggle and your movements that is not present with the Easi-Scan.

Robert Holt
Mt. Baker Veterinary & ET Services
Lydnen, WA

June 1, 2012 

Portable/ light weight; have used it for exams other than reproductive - umbilical masses in calves, bladder adhesion, etc.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. The machine is durable; any tech service that might be needed is prompt with the option of a loaner machine if necessary.

Cheryl Kraft
Associate Veterinarian
Bangor Veterinary Service
Bangor, WI 

June 1, 2012 

Easy to use and very light weight

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. It pays for itself after only a few years

Herd manager/owner
Hudson, IA

June 1, 2012 

We use it for early pregnancy diagnosis and ovarian evaluation. Very simply, we can achieve higher 21 d pregnancy rates in our herds.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Crystal clear image, good battery life and added value for our clients.

Scott Waltner
Puget Sound Veterinary Group
Mount Vernon, WA

April 28, 2012 

Cannot get software that lets me view images on the computer or email them. did not get help from support. great images. good battery life and durability. Image can be pixelly. Nice to see straight then look up into the goggles. case is too big and cumbersome. good it comes with a spare battery and shows battery level.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. see above


April 24, 2012 

Very Lightweight and easy to use.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Great Image and durable as well.

Rick Schwenck
Herd Manager
Lake Breeze Dairy
Malone, WI

Older model Easi-Scan reviews



February 6, 2013

The Easi-Scan Ultrasound is easy to use and so gets used daily in my bovine reproductive practice. Ultrasound has been very well accepted by our clients over the years. It allows me to do pregnancy diagnosis starting at 27 days post breeding. I use it to evaluate ovarian structures. It is also useful to identify cows that are carrying twins. Being able to do early pregnancy diagnosis has allowed me to enroll more dairy producers into herd health reproductive visits every 2 weeks. The ultrasound has improved the accuracy and information of the reproductive work that I do. I am very dependent on this technology and would feel inadequate practicing without it.

Yes, I would recommend the Easi-Scan because of ease of use and durability of the machine.

Dr. Rick Knill
Mitchell Veterinary Services
Mitchell, Ontario

September 20, 2012

Thomas England, DVM
Winona Veterinary Hospital
Winona, MN

September 20, 2012

Tyson Benson, DVM
Brookside Veterinary Clinic
Auburn, NY

June 8, 2012 

Preg diagnosis at 30 days -- awesome

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan.

Scot Martin, DVM
Hansford County Vet
Spearman, TX


June 4, 2012 

Started using these units in California when I learned to ultrasound. Really saved my arm palpating hundreds of cattle a day, by making it easier and quicker to pregnancy check by increasing my confidence. I had tried a couple other brands, but what I liked about the Easi-Scan was the excellent image quality, light weight, and easy to carry format. There were several display choices as well, and good battery life. Another plus were the units were durable and fairly water resistant.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. The Easi-Scan made ultrasound affordable, easy, and added value to my everyday practice. There is rarely a day I do not use this unit

James Shissler, DVM 
Annville-Cleona Veterinary Associates
Annville, PA


June 4, 2012 

It works well, service to fix it has been good.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Overall satisfied with the product compared with others I have used

Andrea Pitkin
Associate Veterinarian
Fairmont Veterinary Clinic
Fairmont, MN

June 2, 2012 

The Easi-Scan has transformed the way I am able to provide reproductive health services to my dairy farm clients. It is a lightweight and easy to use machine that is sturdy and long lasting. I am able to provide more reproductive information to my clients and save wear and tear on my palpation arm!

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. I can barely survive practice without the Easi-Scan. I have come to rely on the machine on a daily basis and love the convenience and ease of use.

Kristi Orchard
Waterloo Veterinary Clinic
Waterloo, WI

June 1, 2012 

The Bug goggles are great

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Competitor* not so good

Larry Jarvis
Teabow Inc.
Walkersville, MD


June 1, 2012 

Good functionality, durable machine, good picture quality. No battery level indicator is one of the only downfalls.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. Durable, good quality

Dorothy Krysak
Associate Veterinarian
Coaldale Veterinary Clinic
Coaldale, AB


April 24, 2012 

Great instrument. Have the older model and figured it was worth around 6 grand on trade in.

Yes, I would recommend Easi-Scan. More body friendly

Clint Irwin
Hansford Co. Vet Hosp.
Spearman, TX


Review it! Send us your product review.

We draw a winner for a $50 Visa gift card every month for all reviews submitted that month.