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1st AABP 2013 Easi-Scan winner announced

September 25, 2013

We’ve just informed Dr. Ross Lannu of Montezuma, GA that he was drawn as the random winner of an Easi-Scan ultrasound system from all those who submitted a video into the BCF Technology AABP video contest.


Dr. Lannu was very grateful to find out he had won; “I’m elated that I won the Easi-Scan, thank you!” he said. He is currently the veterinarian for a large dairy farm in Georgia that has 7,000 cows and has plans of expanding.

Dr. Lannu has been using Easi-Scan for many years. Before moving to Georgia he worked with a veterinary clinic in California where he utilized Easi-Scan. The Georgia dairy he presently works for has provided him with an Easi-Scan for the dairy’s reproduction work. He said having a new Easi-Scan of his own would allow him the opportunity to expand into private practice.

This Easi-Scan prize is one of 2 Easi-Scan systems BCF Technology is giving away as part of this year’s AABP annual conference. Dr. Lannu was the random drawing winner; the 2nd will be awarded to the video entrant that wins the popular online vote. Stay tuned as the finalists will be announced soon which will initiate the beginning of online voting.


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