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UC-Davis F.A.R.M. Club wins an Easi-Scan

April 1, 2013

The photos were posted, articles were judged, and the video voting has concluded. Congratulations to the University of California, Davis F.A.R.M. Club as they are the winner of a new Easi-Scan ultrasound system through BCF’s 2013 University Competition. They’ve shown their enthusiasm for ultrasound education since the day they registered for the competition.


The F.A.R.M club’s article “A non-reproductive use for ultrasound” was highly scored by our judges and they tallied an impressive 1,947 video votes. Not only did their dean, Michael Lairmore, tweet about the contest, but this organization was backed by their university, California Veterinary Medicine Association, California Beef Council and many other organizations. They were even featured on Good Morning Sacramento and the local CBS Evening News! 


Here’s what one of their representatives had to say when we called to tell them about their victory: 
"Our members and officers worked extremely hard on this project and we are SO ECSTATIC to be receiving an Easi-scan! We are so grateful to all those who helped make the video. THANK YOU BCF for this opportunity!" --Sara Steidl

In case you somehow missed it, watch how these “Cow-li-for-nia Girls” (and guy) won themselves an Easi-Scan

This contest was certainly a success in getting the word out about the need for ultrasound education. There were over 6,000 video votes and more than 14,000 YouTube video views. Here are the final standings of the top 8 based on video voting:

1. University of California, Davis – Food Animal and Reproduction Medicine Club – 1,947 votes
2. University of Wisconsin – Madison – AABP Student Chapter – 965 votes
3. North Carolina State University – AABP Student Chapter – 869 votes
4. Purdue University – Food Animal Club – 765 votes
5. Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine - Student Livestock Organization – 633 votes
6. University of Illinois - Production Medicine Club – 474 votes
7. University of Pennsylvania – Food Animal Club – 327 votes
8. Kansas State University – AABP Student Chapter – 148 votes

It’s apparent these veterinary students have a strong desire for ultrasound education.  This contest was just the kick-off to BCF’s new University Partnership Program.  The goal of this program is to promote ultrasound education and provide affordable ultrasound implementation solutions to veterinary medicine programs.  Thank you to all 15 universities that competed in our 2013 university contest.  It was apparent that every organization put in a great amount of time and effort into writing their article and producing a video.

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