University program

The University Partnership Program is a part of BCF’s top initiative of providing ultrasound education to the veterinary industry. We want to expose students to the benefits of ultrasound by providing educational material and ultrasound training opportunities prior to graduating from vet school.

Free learning materials are available to students and universities.  Here are a few links where you can request materials be sent to you, read articles, or watch informative videos –

Ultrasound implementation for veterinary colleges

A primary aspect of the university program is to aid universities in implementing the latest in bovine reproductive ultrasound equipment in an affordable manner.  To do this, BCF offers veterinary medicine programs in the US and Canada the opportunity to purchase BCF ultrasound products at up to a 50% discount.  In return for the 50% discount we’re asking that a veterinarian faculty member provide some feedback.  Contact us for more information regarding this savings opportunity.

To take advantage of the new university pricing, the ultrasound must be going to a college of veterinary medicine where it will be used for student teaching purposes.  Because the intent of the discounted machines is to teach veterinary students the important skills of ultrasound diagnostics, this program is not available to undergraduate or animal science programs at this time.

Have questions or want to discuss your options? Contact BCF at 800-210-9665 or online.


Veterinary medicine students

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New graduates

The BCF new graduate purchasing offer is available to new veterinary graduates or the clinic hiring a new graduate.  Offer valid for 1 year post graduation. Offer subject to change from year to year.