University program

The University Partnership Program is a part of BCF’s top initiative to provide ultrasound education to the veterinary industry. We are dedicated to provide the latest in on-farm ultrasound equipment to veterinary universities and exposing veterinary students to the benefits and techniques of ultrasound.


What’s included?

A primary aspect of the university program is to aid universities in implementing the latest in bovine reproductive ultrasound equipment in an affordable manner. To do this, BCF offers veterinary medicine programs in the US and Canada the opportunity to purchase BCF ultrasound products at up to a 50% discount.

The recommended University Program Package includes:

  • 2 Easi-Scan ultrasound machines
  • 2 OLED BUG
  • 2 Easi-Scan Remote Displays
  • 6 batteries
  • 2 waist bags
  • 2 battery chargers
  • 2 carry cases
  • 2 monitor tri-pods
  • 2 USB cables

Variations of this package are easily accessible, simply call or email us to discuss your options. In return for the 50% discount we’re asking that a veterinarian faculty member provide some feedback and learning materials to help other universities and students. Contact us for more information regarding this opportunity.


Learning Opportunities

Become a BCF University Program Partner and receive more than just the latest in bovine reproductive ultrasound equipment. In addition to the equipment package, BCF will equip you with a continuous learning experience. At BCF we recognize the importance of learning and strive to provide our partners with optimum learning materials and opportunities.

Be the first to know about new learning materials, training videos and resources. Here are a few links where you can request materials be sent to you, read articles, or watch informative videos–

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